Our highest priority

The quality of compounded medications has been our highest priority since we started. We have dedicated Quality Assurance staff who provide oversight to our compounding labs and dispensing department. From the moment a prescription is received, the extensive quality system is initiated and continues right up until it is delivered to the patient.

Importance of Sterility

Sterility is one of the most important factors and the one we take most seriously. All our SOPs revolve around making sure that our injectable products are the safest that they can be for our patients. We go above and beyond the regulations and do testing of our facilities as often as possible.

USP <797> Guidelines That We Follow

  • Frequent viable microbial sampling of air, surface and personnel within all clean rooms and hoods
  • Real time monitoring of conditions in the all our sterile rooms
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance
  • Test finished products – independent lab potency, endotoxin and sterility testing
  • Routinely have outside parties certify our cleanrooms and laminar flow hoods
  • Routinely assess pharmacy staff on their aseptic technique
  • Personnel must properly groom and gown before entering critical sterile areas

A Certified Team

We are lucky to have an exceptional team with exceptional individuals in all levels of the organization. Before an employee starts they are trained with hands-on training programs. Our comprehensive training program consists of USP 797, USP 800, media fill testing, garbing practices, cleaning and disinfection practices, aseptic practices, and a thorough training on each standard operating procedure. After the completion of each training program, the employee is given an assessment to ensure complete understanding and knowledge in each subject area. Training is continued and updated routinely to ensure the best overall quality and continuous professional and personal development of our employees.

We are here to assist you

If you have any questions about the products and services that we offer please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Specialist using the attached contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.