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We pride ourselves on our relationship with physicians. Our staff is filled with some of the best and most knowledgeable pharmacists and technicians in the world, however, we also have staff with extensive experience in chemistry, qualitative testing and analysis, and even direct medical training.

Through this knowledge and our thorough on-boarding process with physicians, we are able to share knowledge and explore ways of improving medicine for all of our patients. We consider ourselves the problem solvers of pharmaceuticals because we love working with new medications, new formulations, and new dosing mechanisms. We never limit our formulary to single doses or concentrations so that the physician and patient can both experience the most precise and convenient medicines.

We are also one of the only pharmacy’s in the world with our own research facility for Mass Spectroscopy and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography . These machines give us a step towards quality control that most pharmacies don’t have. We test almost every batch for potency and consistency and are able to validate all of our products. It also makes us the pharmacy to choose when it comes to creating formulations for research or new medications. We work closely with doctors to develop new mechanisms of administration and can use our facilities to make sure that you can assure bioavailability, potency, and efficacy before using any product in clinical trials.

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