As a frontrunner in the compounding pharmacy industry, we also care for the health and well-being of animals. Animals are as unique as humans and therefore, they require the same type of specialized care as we do. They can be more difficult to handle than children when it comes to taking medication. That is where Tailor Made customized compounds come into play. We can customize the medication to include dosage amount, form, and even flavor in order to get your pet to take its’ medicine with ease leaving you stress free and with a healthy animal.


We can provide treatments for a number of animals including dogs, cats, and horses using a number of flavors including tuna or fish, chicken, beef, and bacon. Instead of force feeding your dog to take its bitter heartworm medication, we can custom coat the medicine with a specific flavor so that it tastes like a treat to your dog. Our compounding pharmacists will work closely with your veterinarian so that your pet gets the absolute best treatment available.


  • Medications currently available:
    • Creams, ointments and lotion preparations
    • Flavor specialization
    • Sugar-free formulations
    • Topical powders
    • Transdermal ear gels
    • Chewable flavored troches
    • Otic solutions and non-aqueous suspensions
    • Oral suspensions and paste
    • Otic Insufflations Gels
    • Iontophoretic formulations
    • Suppositories
    • Medicated biscuits/treats


Let us find a way to turn the hassle of getting your animal to take its medicine into an enjoyable experience for all those involved.