Let us help you manage your pain efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s from a headache or a sports injury, pain is inevitable. But ongoing pain is optional. Let us help address your pains with our tailor made compounded medications. It isn’t always your choice which type of pain finds you. But it is your choice as to how you deal with that pain.


Acute pain, if not dealt with correctly, can lead to chronic pain which is more difficult to cure. Standard prescription medications can help with chronic pain but also deliver unwanted side effects not present through our compounded medications. Side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness do not have to be a part of managing your pain.


With Tailor Made Compounding, we offer a solution to your pain management with little to no side effects so you can actually eliminate your pain and not just swap chronic pain for a painful side effect. Also, one with chronic pain is sometimes prescribed multiple medications to address the symptoms of the condition. We are aware of the inconvenience that comes with taking multiple medications to treat one pain. That is why we can take those medications and combine them into one customized compound that a patient can take at one time eliminating the need for multiple dosages. Who wants to take more medications if less will do the job?


Whether it’s the side effect, dosage amount, or the unpleasant form through which you take your medication, we can offer a solution to all of the above. Not only can we personalize your dosage, while eliminating side effects and reducing dosage amount, but we can also change the form through which we administer that dosage.


  • Some of the dosage forms we offer include:
    • A topical gel, cream, or spray that can be applied directly to the source of the pain.
    • A custom-flavored troche that dissolves under the tongue
    • Nasal spray
    • Suppository


We aim to make taking medications as efficient and effortless as possible. Our goal is to minimize your dosage and pain while maximizing your satisfaction. Ask your physician or pharmacist today about personalized pain management options or contact us!