People are always evolving and therefore always looking for new and different ways to stay healthy. We at Tailor Made are no different. Maintaining you health is a multi-faceted process that requires more than what you can get from your prescription medication. It also involves getting proper vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis. We offer all sorts of supplements to complement ongoing medications or to simply stay healthy.


  • Some of the supplements we offer include:
    • Nutritional Supplements
    • General Health Supplements
    • Digestion Supplements
    • Natural Supplements
    • Herbal Supplements
    • Mineral Supplements
    • Skin Care Supplements
    • Pet Care Supplements


Our bodies are what carry us through this life and therefore we should be aware of what we put into them. We want you to have a long-lasting and adventurous life and adding the proper nutrients to your diet is a big part of what makes that possible. Talk to your doctor or make an appointment to come in and ask about specific types of these supplements to find what works for you.