At Tailor Made, we explore all sorts of healing techniques and this includes the study and use of herbal remedies, or the use of plants for medicinal purposes. Herbs have been a part of medicine for thousands of years and we are continuing that tradition.


Herbal treatments are different from standard prescriptions because they are natural substances that work to address issues not seen on the surface. They take other factors into account including lifestyle and day-to-day stressors that could be affecting one’s health. Using herbal remedies allows us take a holistic approach to health so that we can find the underlying causes of a specific problem and treat them in order to restore balance and health to one’s life. The freedom we give our pharmacists to create different herbal formulas allows us the opportunity to treat many patients effectively.



  • Some of our herbal remedies include:
    • Dried herbs and tea blends
    • Essential oils and oil blends
    • Herbal creams and cream blends
    • Herbal floral waters
    • Herbal fluid extract complex formulations
    • Herbal fluid extracts single
    • Herbal oils and carrier oils and oil blends
    • Herbal suppositories
    • Vibrational medicines


While we encourage the use of our herbal medications, we also want you to be aware of the pros and cons of using herbal supplements compared to standard prescriptions.


  • Advantages of herbal supplements:
    • Lower cost
    • Easily consumed
    • Reduced risk of side effects
    • More effective with long-standing health concerns such as arthritis
    • Widespread availability


  • Disadvantages of herbal supplements:
    • Lack of dosage instructions
    • Lack of regulation
    • Potential interaction with other medications
    • Unable to treat more serious medical conditions


Wanting to try an herbal supplement but not quite sure how to go about it? Make an appointment or come on in for a consultation. We can help you balance your lifestyle to include herbal supplements that will promote your overall well-being. Try your herbal supplement today!